What We Did, February 4-16

Bible: More miracles and stories of Jesus, especially ones pertaining to boats (calming the storm, walking on water). Boat stories are always popular. Also feeding the 5,000.

Hymn: How Great Thou Art

Memory: ABC verses, A (Isaiah 53:6) and B (Acts 16:31). They are really enjoying this book, and they like to take their turn saying the verse while pointing to the words–or at least in the general vicinity.

Poetry: More of When We Were Very Young. So much fun!

Books: In addition to many of the same ones from the last two times,

The Tale of Tom Kitten, Beatrix Potter: Hooray! Beatrix Potter at last! D1 has fallen in love with this book and asks for it every day. A real plot! Beautiful drawings! Big words! I can do Beatrix Potter every day. D2 doesn’t really get it yet, but he likes the marching sound of the Puddle-ducks. (Pit pat paddle pat! Pit pat waddle pat!)

My Numbers in Spanish/French, Zakkiyah: I’ve been trying to integrate some simple Spanish picture books from time to time. This one they picked out themselves. They really love the counting. The only trouble from my perspective is that I have to read the French side, too, and my French is really rusty.

My Clothes/Mi Ropa, Rebecca Emberley: Emberley’s bilingual board books are wonderful introductory Spanish books for toddlers. One page per term, one category per book. Sometimes I throw in a few simple sentences and exaggerated actions using the vocabulary: "Donde estan los pantalones? Aqui estan los pantalones!" which they find hilarious. (That’s about as far as my Spanish goes, but it will work for now.)

Took a few winter nature walks; spotted a hollow tree, berries and seed pods left on bushes. Smashed and melted icicles. Also learned about walking on ice, climbing on snow mountains, and dealing with falling down in the mud!
Made felt bookmarks and special muffins for Valentine’s day.
They spent one afternoon going through all the old Montessori activities. I really need to make up some new ones.
We started some carrot tops to grow; we’ll see if they actually do it.

D1 can hang up her clothes on hangers and fold most of them (if she feels so inspired).
D2 can hang his clothes up on hooks and folds washcloths very neatly.
D2 can climb on to the fire engine at the park by himself. He should really get a burst in climbing skill once he gets out of snow boots, gloves, and heavy coats.
D1 is teaching herself to write more letters, including curving capitals: O, C, P, and a few lower case. She copied D2’s name freehand. She writes lower-case "a" backwards, but I’m not going to get concerned about it yet.
D2 keeps showing interest in letters and numbers. He’s also starting to move into more elaborate, jigsaw-type puzzles although his manual skill at keeping the pieces together isn’t quite keeping pace with his ability to visualize where things might go.

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