D2 was playing in the bathtub with the bathtub toys: an alligator, a frog, a purple duck, and a blue duck. Finding he couldn’t hold them all in his arms, he started lining them up, all facing the same way, on the edge of the tub.

"Alligator in da back, duck is in da middle, fwog in da back!" he announced. (Everything he figures out comes with exclamation points."

I was a little puzzled by the extra back, but then I realized he must think of "front" and "back" as equivalent to "end." I tried to clarify their meaning for him while we were playing, but he didn’t really pick up on it.

Next he took the frog down. "Duck is in da back!" he said. He replaced the frog.

"If you took the alligator down," I asked, "Who would be in the front?"

He looked at the animals but didn’t touch them. "Da purple duck!"

He continued arranging the animals different ways and talking about which one was in which position.

Next time I mop I should really help him line up the cars and make a train–I’m sure he would love it. Then again, maybe I shouldn’t wait as long as it will take me to get around to mopping again.

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