What We Did, August 27-September 7

Bible: Twelve Spies, Wilderness Wandering, Death of Moses, Joshua, Spies in Jericho

Memory: Deuteronomy 20:1-6

Song: O Worship the King

Poetry: Occasional reading from When We Were Very Young and Block City by Stevenson.

Boats on the River, by Marjorie Flack
Little Toot
Some books about fire engines and boats. (We seem to be stuck on a permanent transportation unit study around here.)
How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World (Geography AND transportation AND cooking!–perfect for both of them. Now if apples would just come into season so we could make the pie.)
Hungry Planet (after their enjoyment of Children Just Like Me, I thought they would love this. They did. Except the rest of us got bored with the pages long before D2 was ready to turn them.)

It doesn’t seem like we did much this time. The weather has been oppressive and the air quality terrible, so even when it has been cool enough to go outside I haven’t wanted to let them out there.
We had a fun walk in the woods on Labor Day after the family picnic, looking at where DOB’s aunt and uncle are going to build their new house.
Set up a better shopping area in the basement, with empty cans and boxes (it takes us awhile to collect those–we don’t eat that much out of packages).
Visited the Creation Museum; they loved looking at the reproductions of things. Also the botanical gardens were lovely. And way too hot.

D1 sounded out a few words on her own in a book on opposites this week. She’s been doing a lot of sounding out letters without making the connection to words, but this time she seemed to be getting the words, too, all by herself.
D2 likes to match up the magnetic letters with each other. He was quite perplexed by the "N" and the "Z."
D2 is starting to enter in to imaginative play more, although he still mostly follows D1’s lead. But who wouldn’t?

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