What We Did, August 20-25

Bible: New Tablets, Wilderness Journey, Water from the Rock, Miriam’s Murmuring, Balaam’s Donkey. Then I realized that the list I was working from had omitted the story of the spies and explaining the 40 years wandering, so I’ll have to add those back in this week and fix it for next year.

Memory: Deuteronomy 20:1-5

Song: O Worship the King, all four verses

Poetry: Not so good this week. I’m trying doing the Bible story at the lunch table, so they will find it easier to sit still and quietly, but that takes up our former poetry time. I need to just make it part of read-aloud time.

Ox-Cart Man: The chicken soup of picture books. D2 talks about it as "the farm with the cow" and seems to connect it with visiting my family’s farm this summer.

Caps for Sale: Not only do they want it over and over, they want to count or name the colors of all the caps. On every page. This gets old fast.

Children Just Like Me: I thought I would get this one out and see if they were interested because our Children’s museum was having a free Friday and they have an exhibit based on the book. As it turned out, D2 had no interest in the exhibit and D1 only played dress-up there briefly, but they both loved the book. D2 was particularly interested in everyone’s footgear (or lack thereof) and D1 wanted to know what everybody ate.

Went to the Museum of Natural History and walked through the limestone cave replica and the Ice Age exhibit; then went to the Children’s Museum and split up. D2 and DOB spent most of their time watching a ball roll down a track and building and rebuilding a giant arch. D1 and I did some dress-up, played veterinarian (she clearly remembered a lot from her doctor visit), went shopping, spent a long time picking up balls and putting them in a bag, then shooting them up the vacuum tube, and played with food at the diner.
Finally made it out to the park one evening. Then it got hot again.
Made a balance out of a hanger, yarn, and two plastic dishes. Compared weights of stuffed animals and plastic food.

D1 is trying hard to figure out how to write letters. I’m torn as to how much input to give her; I don’t want her to form bad habits, but I don’t want to spoil the fun, either.
I think D2 may have learned the first letter of his first name. But I’m not sure yet.
They have two boxes, just big enough to sit in, that they love playing "boat" with.

Nothing new this week, and we have been getting a little too sloppy on it. Time to do things a little more carefully.

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