What We Did, August 6-18

Bible: Parting the Red Sea through the Golden Calf. D1 is covering similar territory in her Sunday School class, and the pastor is preaching on the Ten Commandments. So we’re rather immersed in Law right now. But the Gospel is coming!

Memory: Deuteronomy 20:1-4, but planning to go all the way through verse 17 when I get the pages made for the notebook. In a drastic change for us, we have decided to do most of our memory work (except possibly Psalms) in NASB.

We’ve also been singing Psalm 19:7-11 at lunchtime every day. In KJV, the way it’s supposed to sound. 😉

Song: O Worship the King, verses 1-3. Still a big favorite.

Poetry: When We Were Very Young, Now We Are Six. "My Shadow," Robert Louis Stevenson.

Stories: Building a House, and Airport, by Byron Barton. Over and over and OVER and over.
In the Small, Small Pond, Denise Fleming. Cheerful colors and a fun look at different pond animals.
Patrick, Patron Saint of Ireland by Tomie dePaola. I’m reading about the Dark Ages; they can read about the Dark Ages. I can’t decide whether I like this one or Saint Patrick by Ann Tompert better. Both are excellent and the ducklings have asked for and listened to both. I like de Paola’s illustrations better, but I love that Tompert quotes St. Patrick himself.
Cars and Trucks and Things that Go, by Richard Scarry. Not that we ever actually read the whole story.
Plus repeats of the fairy tales from past weeks.

Harvested tomatoes and peppers ("Grow da tomatoes! Grow da peppers!" says D2.)
Went to the airport and watched the baggage carousel
Played dress-up.
Glued torn-paper pictures. (This still doesn’t work without us all getting frustrated. I don’t think I’m setting it up right.)
Played more in the basement with the wading pool.
Visited the doctor.
Visited Papa’s work.
Melted crayons into little pans to make new crayons.

D1 is very intrigued by drawing now, and once she gets a model or an idea will copy it endlessly: houses, ants, faces.
D1 also spent a long time at the fridge one day this week, having me help her sound out words. Another day she spent a long time practicing writing letters for her name. She gets frustrated easily over things like this, but persists in trying them. I need to find the right balance between helping her, letting her work alone, and sending her off to do something more relaxing!
D1 also tried peddling a bike some this week, but again, frustrating.
D2 does a lot of building and driving around the Duplo train. He likes to pull the letters off the fridge and match them.

Made a tray (basket would have been better) with an assortment of lids to take off and put on. They both love this–D1 takes them all off, mixes up several doses of "vitamins" and then returns them all. D2 does one at a time, and needs help, but he’s steadily improving. He likes to drink from the bottles, too. I find they both focus better on the work if there’s a bit of fantasy play involved–in their case, usually cooking and eating something.

I also made a matching-sounds tray for D1 but she was not very interested in that.

I saw her working with scissors and asked if she would like a tray for practicing with scissors. She was enthusiastic. I cut a piece of construction paper into narrow strips, and she sat and, holding her scissors correctly for the first time, cut every single piece of paper into tiny bits. It took her about half an hour.

D2 loves playing a matching game with the colored circles. I pick one, then he finds the match in his hand. He still loves sorting the colored beads, too, and he finds different ways to do it: all of one color at a time, holding different colors in his hand and dropping the correct one off as he moves it around, etc.

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