Week Review: July 30-August 3

Bible: Plague of Frogs through Passover

Memory: Deuteronomy 6:4-5, review from last year.

Song: "O Worship the King".

I find they are quite happy to learn complex hymns if the tunes are reasonably vigorous and the words contain vivid imagery, even if most of the words are new to them. The always call "I Sing the Mighty Power of God" "lofty sky" after the end of the second line. Even though words like "pavilion" and "girded" are not currently in their vocabulary, they are words about concrete things and they are easy to explain and demonstrate with hand motions.

Poetry: A few more from When We Were Very Young and Now We Are Six.

Block City: This illustrated book of Stevenson’s poem has really captured the attention of D2, who has just started being deliberate and articulate about the things he builds.
The Owl and the Pussycat: I have mixed feelings about Jan Brett as an illustrator–she’s a little ornate for me, usually. But I liked this one. The poem is still a little over the heads of the ducklings, though; we’ll probably try it again next year.
The Three Billy Goats Gruff, Tim Arnold:  A reprise from last year, still very popular. I liked this particular version because the troll was suitably ugly without being nightmarish.
Rose Red & Snow White: D1 sat through this once. I’m still not sure whether she’s that interested in it yet; it may still be a little too much for her.

Played in the wading pool a lot, but not that much outside time due to the heat. One day we had friends over and filled it in the basement, using sponges, measuring cups and spoon. They spent more than an hour dipping, pouring, and "cooking."
Painted with tempera paints, using sponges on the ends of clothespins. D2 used his as a brush, D1 used hers as a stamp. I wish I could figure out a way to keep the mess more contained.
Cleaned the basement (it’s sorting skills!)
Had an uncle visiting most of the week, who gave them some new ideas for playing, no doubt.

D1 is doing more representational drawing. She figured out how to draw a house this week and is filling page after page with little houses with doors. She draws windows, too, but they don’t necessarily land inside the house.
D2 talks and talks and talks. If you instruct him to say please, he’ll repeat the whole thing: "I would like some more beans, please." Only trouble is, he sometimes gets distracted before he gets to the end of the sentence, and then he wants to start all over again.

Started D1 with pouring rice, which she enjoys. They both are quite interested in one with filling and squeezing a sponge to transfer water from one side of a container to another. (Getting it in the container is still a challenge). D1 always wants to use it to wash the table and floor, which I usually let her do as long as she remembers to squeeze it out well first. D2 is still interested in the sorting and bean spooning activities, although it’s getting harder to hold his interest to finish the whole thing. D1 hasn’t asked for any of those activities all week.

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