Cars and Trucks and Things that Go

That, of course, is the name of a book by Richard Scarry, which, if you were ever stranded on a dessert island with five small boys, would be the book to take along. Unfortunately, the ducklings can’t read our copy, because the strings holding the papers together got cut and I’m still racking my brain trying to think of a way to fix the book.

In the meantime, the ducklings, like most toddlers, love all sorts of other books about large, noisy vehicles. My Car, by Byron Barton, is a book I first picked out for D1 a year ago. She loved it so much she had it memorized in a few days. So this year I thought D2 might be ready to enjoy it and picked it up when I saw it at the library. Sure enough, he was, but I didn’t reckon on D1 still loving it quite so much. It’s always dangerous to have something they BOTH like.

I personally don’t care that much for the drawing style, but the text and pictures do seem to be just right for one and two year olds, and the words hold up well to repeated–endless–rereadings.

As for other forms of transportation, we’ve long had a copy of Freight Train, by Donald Crews. It has even more powerful, simple text and I like the pictures better.
I see you can also get a bilingual version of it–we should check that out sometime.

Anyway, I was very excited to see at the library today that Donald Crews had even more books about various forms of transportation. Since we’re planning to fly across the country this summer, I checked out one on airplanes. Sure enough, as soon as I opened it I had their rapt attention, and D2 was repeating the words after me.

Be sure to visit Children’s Book Monday at A Path Made Straight.


One thought on “Cars and Trucks and Things that Go

  1. Thank you these books. I have a new nephew and I want to start building him a book collection. These two look like perfect first picks!


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