“B” is for . . .

D1 came across her name written out yesterday and, after noting that the first letter was /a/ for Abbey, commented that the second letter was /p/ for Papa. (A very logical deduction, when you consider that regular shapes it doesn't matter which way around they go. The letters b, p, d, and q would all be the same shape if they were, say, a right triangle.)


DOB said, “Actually, that's /b/ for the second sound in Abbey.

And /b/ for biscuit.

And /b/ for block.

And /b/ for ball.

And /b/ for bell

And /b/ for . . . ” and he paused to think of the next one.


“for 'ike!” D1 piped up.


“Yes, for bike!” DOB finished.


So clearly she knows what the first sound of bike is, which leaves us mystified as to why she doesn't say it there when she can pronounce all those other words just fine. But, oh well, she's figured out how to separate the first sound of a word, and that's quite a step.


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