Battle of the Books

Coming next week . . . Two history books go head-to-head in a competition to become the Duchy's book of choice for early elementary ancient history text!


The contestants are:


Hillyer's A Child's History of the World


Bauer's The Story of the World: Ancient Times


Hillyer's has an early edge because we already own a copy, picked up on a whim at a library book sale. On a cursory review, it seems to be a livelier read, but a bit dated. (Even history books get dated.)


Full reviews will be posted when I get them finished.


2 thoughts on “Battle of the Books

  1. We are using Hillyer’s for our “blitz” through history, BUT… I didn’t like the beginning of it OR Story of the World, and much prefered Mystery of History… and… I entirely agree about Hillyer’s being dated–so…. We are using Hillyer’s, but substituting Mystery of History for the very beginning, and then finishing up with Story of the World’s modern times book for a few chapters at the end. Far be it from us to use ONE THING all the way through, lol!

    For the most part I do like Story of the World for a more “up close” travel through history, but I like Mystery of History even better… After our quick one year blitz through Hillyer, I’ll be doing Mystery of History with some Story of the World thrown in to suplement.

    I’ll be thrilled to hear which book wins the “Book war” at your house!

  2. I would like to look at Mystery of History sometime, but it's quite expensive and unlike Story of the World, I can't even get it at the library. I'm a little nervous, too, about curriculum that is advertised as being from a Christian perspective–I've seen too many curriculums (curriculi?) that draw all the conclusions for you and turn history into a moral lesson on Why We Are Better Than Everyone Else. Not saying that they do, it's just why I tend to be more skeptical. If I come across someone with a copy I can borrow, though, I'll definitely give it a chance!Edited by carrotqueen on Jun. 30, 2006 at 5:14 AM

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