More Game Lessons

While I was feeding D2 this afternoon, D1 took advantage of the opportunity to go into her bedroom and dig the games out of the closet. (Never store board games on the floor of a toddler's closet.) When I finally was able to follow her, she had dumped Scrabble all over the floor.


I set her to helping me pick it up. She picked up a G and said “For Carl!”


“No,” I said, “That's /g/ for grape. Here, let me find a /k/ for Carl.”


I started hunting through the other tiles for a C. Meanwhile I came across an “A” and said, “Here's /a/ for Abbey.”


She clutched it with pride and began picking through the other letters. “Two /a/ for Abbey. More /a/ for Abbey.” Soon she had chosen five As out of the pile.


Meanwhile I found a C and showed it to her next to the G, then gave it to D2, who happened to be crawling past. She kept sorting through a pile, finding and appropriating another /g/ for grape.


Now the thing to do at this point, of course, is to sit on my hands until they go numb rather than succumb to the urge to respond with lessons and programs. I think I will go ahead and get her the magnetic letters for Christmas, though. It's high time she had something lowercase to play with.


To counterbalance this, after 24 hours dry yesterday, she had about six accidents today. And I am sure it won't take any of my children long to discover that the way to avoid trouble and work is to distract Mom by asking some academic question. (We did eventually get the Scrabble picked up.)


D2 would also like it noted that he learned how to climb up steps this weekend. And that he knows how to close his eyes on purpose now. For reasons unclear, he likes to use it to signal that he's about done eating. Not full, you understand. I don't think he ever gets that. But eventually he gets tired of eating and wants to get down.


One thought on “More Game Lessons

  1. I love scrabble and my youngest (8) has been wanting to play that when she can. I think that will have to be a game on her Christmas list.

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