We couldn’t wait any longer

At ages not-quite-two and eight months, we're starting this week.


Yes, it's totally superfluous. Yes, they'd learn plenty just from regular life. We're just impatient and it was too much fun to wait.


We've wanted to do a four-year history rotation for some time. Not so much for their benefit as for ours. We wanted a little bit of order in our own studies, instead of just hopping from one thing to another as our whims and the new entries in Wikipedia led us. So we thought if we started now, it would give us a chance to go through everything ourselves, give me a nice, relaxed opportunity to preview materials, and we'd be all ready to start over again when D1 turns six.


I wasn't even planning on including them this time around, but our first year's rotation is meant to fit in with the Bible story reading we were doing anyway. And then I see things I think they'll enjoy, so with one thing and another, here we are. The nice thing is, we only do the fun stuff this time around. No need to worry about math or handwriting.


Plus, I feel sorry for them because they don't get included in older kids' activities. I have to do something to make it up to them for having them be the oldest.


Here's what they are doing this month:

  • Reading Bible stories from Genesis. (I read short chunks from the Bible itself, then we look at the picture in D1's picture Bible.)

  • Memorizing Genesis 1:1 (I started a notebook with a copy of the verse and an illustration; we read over it every morning with Bible story.)

  • Singing “All Creatures of our God and King” (probably one verse per week)

  • I have a picture of “The Creation of the Animals” from the ceiling of the Vatican as the background on my desktop, where D1 likes to look at it.

  • And I've always wanted to check out several less common Biblical oratorios by Handel, so we'll do Handel for awhile as soon as The Creation comes in from the library.

  • I'm also checking out some good picture books on Creation and the flood. We intersperse them with whatever other picture books catch their eye, especially with ones on animals.

So really, we're doing what we would do anyway, I just have something in my head to give me an idea of new things to do with them when I get stuck in a rut. I also have the chance to preview materials we'll want to use the next time around. I'll post my reading list later.


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