Something’s Cooking

D1's imagination seems to have had a growth spurt in the past two weeks. She now will amuse herself for half an hour or more in usually indecipherable but obviously elaborate plays with  her little “mans” (Duplo), or “cooking” with dishes from the cupboard, accessorized by the ever-useful film canisters and surplus CDs.


Sometimes I wish she had a proper kitchen set. Or maybe not. As DOB's mother pointed out this weekend, careful copies of the real things are often less enjoyable toys than scrounged objects.


Perhaps it has to do with who creates the meaning. If you have a purchased, properly designed, toddler-safety-approved cup and plate, then they're a cup and plate; a cheap plastic cup and plate, at that. But if you have a CD and a film canister, then they can be dishes of gold and silver, if you want. You are the one in charge, not some distant toy designer.


Then again, maybe I'm just cheap.


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