Running through her mind

D1 has acquired quite a number of words now, and can often string as many as five of them together, although the word order is still foggy: “Papa shoe church put on!” is what she uttered Sunday morning to ask Papa to put her shoes on for church. She has enough words to give expression to most of the things she encounters, and no inhibitions about uttering the first thing that comes into her head, so we get a running commentary of Life As D1.


She says her own name constantly: as a request, a complaint, an exclamation of glee. She probably doesn't think about herself more than the rest of us, but it's funny to hear just how often that is.


She's starting to grasp more abstract attributes of things, and contrasts: dark/light, noisy/quiet. We have a game we play with old film canisters, some of which have odds and ends in them and some of which are empty. We shake them and talk about which are noisy and which are quiet.


The other night she ran into her room to get her pajamas on and exclaimed, “Dark!” I turned on the light and said, “Light!” “More dark!” she said, and we flipped back and forth for awhile. (She has no fear of the dark thus far. In fact, hiding in a dark closet and then jumping out at Papa is one of her favorite games.)


To my amazement, I realized a few days ago that she has virtually memorized her Mother Goose board book. She will turn the pages and mutter snatches of the rhyme that goes with each picture: “dumpty wall” “rain rain” “dickory clock” “peas pot”. When I get out the full-sized Mother Goose and start turning the pages, she will call out the ones she recognizes.


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