Performance Art

We are now very much in the stage dreaded by parents, wherein one must read the same book over and over and over again. This was troubling me as much as the next parent. I would cringe when I heard the dreaded words, “Bear book?” and saw D1 trotting over with Corduroy clutched firmly in her fists–for the third time in a day.


Then it occurred to me. One of my many Walter Mitty fantasies has been to act on stage. And one of the things that has seemed particularly fascinating and difficult about the job has been the challenge of making the same performance as interesting and lively when one does it night after night after night.


Well, here is my chance to try. Corduroy now showing nightly, with extra matinee performances! I can test the best inflections, the nuances of feeling, working on getting inside the characters and understanding their motivations. Each time the book is thrust into my lap, I get another chance to perform.


At least I know the audience will always be appreciative.


One thought on “Performance Art

  1. What a goooood way to look at reading the same book over and over again! Samuel has a favorite horse book that we read. I am not sure why is surprises me… I will read favorite books again and again, even as an adult. The only difference… I would not want to read Pride and Prejudice 5 times a day!

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